Nyse Collins Independent Lifestyle Consultant

Health in general is comprised of three aspects of life: Physical, Mental and Spiritual (Body, Mind and Spirit). We take a look at how the three work together, but especially how the mind does the balancing act in helping you to implement healthful habits for sustainable results and restored life. 

Health is Wealth

Your health is your wealth. It is something that you can work towards and earn the benefits now and later in life. The key to restoration comes via education. We believe that most people have a general understanding of basic health principles and our goal is to help them develop healthy habits and practice what they already know.

Prayer is Power

The Spiritual aspect of your life and health is important. It is the avenue through which you can access and receive both physical and mental healing and restoration. Prayer is also the avenue that will assist you in aligning yourself to live your WOW life now!

What 'Sanare' means?

SANARE, a Latin word, literally means restoration. That's why at SanareLife, the restored life, we promote holistic health and wellness to all groups of people.

Since we believe that health is Physical, Mental and Spiritual, we currently provide a range of services to churches, community groups, and one-on-one, to empower people to make small changes, one step at a time that can have a significant impact on their overall health and wellness.

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