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  • Health

    WOW-H: LITE is a spiritual and physical revival event for your church. In it, we empower the laity and will jumpstart your church into action. will on healthy lifestyle principles to use personally and as an outreach tool in their community. It is sometimes followed by a WOW Pro six months later or before an evangelistic series; that is ONLY upon request of the church.

  • Women

    WOW-Leadership is a training or Leadership seminar-styleprogram for women leaders in churches, organizations and any group which seeks to train women leaders. Women’s leadership and communication styles are heralded as effective for21st-centuryleadership. In addition, women make up more than 50% of world church population but do not seem to be reflected in top leadership inferring that there is some form of an existent glass ceiling which is preventing more women from serving in top leadership positions.

  • Prayer

    WOW-P (Week/End of Wellness-Prayer)

    This one-day prayer program consists of two presentations. The main focus is encouraging persons to develop the habit of praying every day, effectively. Most of the tools shared in a full week of prayer are consolidated into these presentations to hopefully inspire listeners to get to know more about effective praying and ensure that they work on the habit of praying every day as they do on any other habit.

  • Youth

    WOW-Lite Youth (Weekend Program)

    It is a Youth Series, which include a weekend of dynamic presentations on hot topics that affect our youth today. The aim is to provide an atmosphere of trust and openness, in an effort to help guide our young people to think deeply about the different issues they face in life and to provide some basic tools that will encourage and empower them in their walk with God. You will enjoy the practical and informative manner in which presentations are done to inspire young persons to live holistic healthy life.