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SanareLife is a corporation established for promoting holistic health and wellness to all groups of people. We currently provide services in the area of health, women and youth and will expand services to men in the near future.

Our current service models are for:

Health- training aspiring health directors, lay persons, aspiring healthy-lifestyle consultants (for certification) on aspects of health, diseases, prevention and cure;

Women- motivating more women to lead using the Biblical approaches and evidenced-based research

Youth- discussing topics of relevance in today’s society using Biblical principles for making moral and ethical decisions  

Directed by Nyse Collins, who has been featured on several 3ABN programs, 3ABN Dare-to-Dream Network and 3 ABN- Latino, this organization has held training programs and Healthy Lifestyle series extensively within the United States and around the globe. We use the simplest and most up-to date information with the overall aim of educating others to serve by encouraging, equipping and empowering them through practical presentations, comprehensive consultations and the use of relevant resources.

Our Team

Nyse Collins
CEO/ Health Educator
Nadine A Joseph, Ph.D
Director, Educational Services, Women and Youth


SanareLife Inc. is a healthy lifestyle consultant group that hosts programs at businesses, schools, churches and community events. To most persons our presentations are practical, simple to understand. Our simple model is to encourage, educate, equip and empower others through practical presentations, comprehensive consultations and the use of relevant resources.

   WOW- H (Week/end of Wellness- Health) We have two variations of the WOW- Health WOW Lite (Weekend Program)  WOW Pro (Week Program)

WOW- H: LITE is a spiritual and physical revival event for your church. In it, we empower the laity and will jumpstart your church into action. will on healthy lifestyle principles to use personally and as an outreach tool in their community. It is sometimes followed by a WOW Pro six months later or before an evangelistic series; that is ONLY upon request of the church.

WOW- H: PRO is an Evangelistic Series includes dynamic presentations on healthy lifestyle topics affecting us today. You will enjoy the practical and informative presentations about combating major lifestyle diseases from cause to effect, and finally, to restoration. For this WOW experience, five evenings over the course of one week is recommended so that the congregation can receive optimal encouragement and educational information on a wide array of health topics. Many who attended these series have seen dramatic life changing results in just one week by applying the information learned.

N.B. WOW-H series is also available on DVD

WOW- W (Week/end of Wellness- Women) (Usually associated with Women’s Ministries weekends) We have two models for the WOW-W , WOW- Empowerment , WOW- Leadership Training

WOW-W: Empowerment – The aim of WOW-Empowerment is to endow and encourage women; help them in building relationships of trust among each other; and at the same time, empower them to restore men. We also promote 24-Days Challenge to Realistic Health and Healing as a Healthy Habit Development program that women can access in order to assist them in breaking old habits and developing new ones.

WOW- W: Leadershipis a training or seminar style program for women leaders in churches, organizations and any group which seeks to train women leaders. Women’s leadership and communication styles are heralded as effective for 21st century leadership. In addition, women make up more than 50% of world church population but do not seem to be reflected in top leadership inferring that there is some form of an existent glass ceiling which is preventing more women from serving in top leadership positions. Further, women leaders face some unique challenges in both their appointments to leadership and management of their leadership responsibilities. Women who attend seminars will benefit from the shared experiences of other Adventist women leaders to assist them in developing strategic tools when preparing for leadership and gather techniques they can use to manage the obstacles they face while executing their leadership duties.  

WOW- Y (Week/end of Wellness- Youth) We have two variations of the WOW- Y WOW-Y Pro (Week Program) WOW-Y Lite (Weekend Program)

WOW-Lite: Youth is a Youth Series, which include a weekend of dynamic presentations on hot topics that affect our youth today. The aim is to provide an atmosphere of trust and openness, in an effort to help guide our young people to think deeply about the different issues they face in life and to provide some basic tools that will encourage and empower them in their walk with God.

WOW-Pro: Youth is a Youth Series, which include dynamic presentations on hot topics that affect our youth today. You will enjoy the practical and informative presentations, which will be discussed from different perspectives such as the biological, psychological, ethical, theological, sociological, and spiritual, where applicable, to inspire young persons live a holistic healthy life. For this WOW experience, five evenings over the course of one week is recommended so that the audience can receive optimal encouragement and educational information on this wide array of topics.

N.B. We also facilitate discussions on the topics presented in two of our resources, Pure Choices and Positive Mind: A Practical Guide for Any Situation (by Julian Melgosa). If your church does not currently own these resources,  you can order by clicking here 

  • A Taste of Paradise Cooking Program

This is our cooking program on 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network, which is 8 seasons, and still going. The program can also be viewed via the Internet. All programs are aired weekly at 5 am, 1 pm and 10 pm. The program shares the perfect balance between raw and cooked meals and have given us access to entering kitchens around the globe both virtually and physically.

  • Program airs daily on 3-ABN Dare to Dream Network
  • Taste of Paradise – Special Edition (Seasons 1-5) on DVD with printable recipes
  • Taste of Paradise – Extended Edition (Seasons 6-8) on DVD with printable recipes 
  • Taste of Paradise to end all WOW-Health programs

One-on-One Consultations

This is a comprehensive assessment for individuals who are struggling with issues whether physical, spiritual or mental. We will educate you on basic health and spiritual principles on a one-on-one and also show you how you can take charge of your health and get a NEW START on life.

  • Individualized Program
  • Menu Planning
  • In-home Cooking School
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Prayer Support
  • 24 Days for those who need physical, spiritual and mental healing

C.P.R. Health Training Program

CPR is literally translated to ‘Comprehensive Consultations, Practical Presentations, Relevant Resources’. This training program provides academic and practical instruction on how to operate a successful health and lifestyle outreach on the platform of a self-sustaining business model. The program is housed on 8 DVDs with over 20 hours of in-class presentations, Power Point presentations and class notes to accompany the listener.

Our simple 3-tier model, C.P.R., will teach you how to conduct

1 – Comprehensive Consultations on a one-on-one basis. You will also learn how to empower individuals through ascertaining the causes of problems, developing a Lifestyle/Menu Plan, and supporting them via a follow-up program.
2 – Practical Presentations to groups and companies of all sizes. You will learn how to develop effective techniques in giving encouraging health presentations; facilitate motivational educational sessions; understand the principles of the  “P.L.A.N.S.” program to execute and manage cost effective, but efficient ‘Taste Of Paradise’ nutrition and cooking classes; and

24 Days to Realistic Health & Healing Program Launch (Healthy Habit Development Program)

24 Days to Realistic Health and Healing is a healthy habit development program. It has been created to give a jump-start to people who would like to develop healthy habits, prevent or reverse lifestyle related diseases and obtain realistic healing.

Some scientist suggests that it takes about 21 days for new neural pathways or “synaptic pathways…to get worn in” (Layton, J., n.d.), indicating to the brain that this is “something” (a habit) I would like to continue to do. The majority however agrees that everyone’s brain is different and habit development may vary from person-to-person, (Lally, van Jaarsveld, Potts & Wardle, 2010; Selk, 2013) and very much depend on how much work one puts into (Selk, 2013) developing that new habit. For example, Lally, et. al (2010) found that “it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit”. Our 24 Days gives you that perfect start! We added to the 21-day popular myth, which can breed some results, a symbolic three days to reaffirm your commitment and effort in the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Our simple 3-tier approach focuses on health of the body, mind, and spirit. You will invest about 15-20 minutes a day to view short videos, do short but informational or inspirational readings and in some instances do some introspective writing exercise. The program is presented on 3 DVDs and 3 booklets, and is sometimes accompanied by a few bonus items. Experience the gift of health right at home!


Better Cooking Better Living DVD is a new series of shows that focuses on practical alternatives for living a healthy lifestyle. You will learn how to prepare well balanced delicious meals, keys to aid in proper difestion & simple healthy tips that will improve your quality of life. Many have experienced the benefits & so can you!


Dating, Relationships and SEX! Yes, we said it! How can we make Pure Choice in this day and age! This new series answers this question by going straight to the heart of the matter and exposes the devil the originator of lies, deception and secrecy. Pastor Joshua Nelson leads out in the discussions and also shares his testimony of how Jesus redeemed and is still redeeming him through the struggle of purity.


Is a 1 Week healthy lifestyle evangelistic series with Nine 45 mins presentation series that focuses on encouraging people & meeting them where they’re at instead of telling people what to do. It will cover topics such as “Your Life Your Choice”(Point to the back of the case) where we share with people choices instead of telling them what to do, “Balancing the Blessing”, “Diabesity & a New Start on life”. One gentleman whose blood sugar levels were 444 when normal should be 65-99, he went through the whole series & at the end of the week when he checked his blood sugar #’s had dropped to 126 no medication. His Drs were astonished & told him to continue to do whatever he was learning. (Many people will say – WOW) that was the encouraging/educational part but now that they are educated & motivated on what to do we have to equip them now on how to do it via the TOP Seasons 1-3

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