WOW-P (Week/End of Wellness-Prayer)

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This one-day prayer program consists of two presentations. The main focus is encouraging persons to develop the habit of praying every day, effectively. Most of the tools shared in a full week of prayer are consolidated into these presentations to hopefully inspire listeners to get to know more about effective praying and ensure that they work on the habit of praying every day as they do on any other habit.


The weekend of prayer takes the same format as the day of prayer with the addition of a prayer breakfast held on a Sunday morning. The Sunday morning prayer session has proven to be a very powerful session since the program is less formal and is an excellent avenue for persons to really open up and connect with others about their prayer needs.


The week of prayer series is a step-by-step journey in assisting persons todevelop the habit of effective praying. The topics are built upon one another so that persons can learn strategically and practically how their prayer lives can move from nada to WOW!


Prayer seminars or conferences are organized outside of the regular church programming. Organizers can plan these for anyone who is interested in having a more effective prayer life or strictly for prayer coordinators, pastors and or other laypersons. The focus will be on empowering persons to focus on their prayer lives as they lead others. It is important for leaders to know that the praying leader is the most powerful leader.


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