WOW-H (Week/End of Wellness-Health)

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We have two variations of the WOW- Health WOW Lite (Weekend Program) WOW Pro (Week Program)

WOW-H: LITE is a spiritual and physical revival event for your church. In it, we empower the laity and will jumpstart your church into action. will on healthy lifestyle principles to use personally and as an outreach tool in their community. It is sometimes followed by a WOW Pro six months later or before an evangelistic series; that is ONLY upon request of the church.

WOW- H: PRO is an Evangelistic Series includes dynamic presentations on healthy lifestyle topics affecting us today. You will enjoy the practical and informative presentations about combating major lifestyle diseases from cause to effect, and finally, to restoration. For thisWOW experience, five evenings over the course of one week is recommended so that the congregation can receive optimal encouragement and educational information on a wide array of health topics. Many who attended these series have seen dramatic life changing results in just one week by applying the information learned.

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