WOW-W (Week/End of Wellness-Women)

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Usually associated with Women’s Ministries weekends, We have two models for the WOW-W which are:

WOW-Empowerment and WOW-Leadership Training.

The aim of WOW-Empowerment is to endow and encourage women; help them in building relationships of trust WOW-W: Empowerment amongeach other; and at the same time, empower them to restore men. We also promote 24-Days Challenge to Realistic Health and Healing as a Healthy Habit Development program that women can access in order to assist them in breaking old habits and developing new ones.

WOW-Leadership is a training or Leadership seminar-styleprogram for women leaders in churches, organizations and any group which seeks to train women leaders. Women’s leadership and communication styles are heralded as effective for 21st-century leadership. In addition, women make up more than 50% of world church population but do not seem to be reflected in top leadership inferring that there is some form of an existent glass ceiling which is preventing more women from serving in top leadership positions. Further, women leaders face some unique challenges in both their appointments to leadership and management of their leadership responsibilities. Women who attend seminars will benefit from the shared experiences of other Adventist women leaders to assist them in developing strategic tools when preparing for leadership and gather techniques they can use to manage the obstacles they face while executing their leadership duties.

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