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CPR is literally translated to ‘Comprehensive Consultations, Practical Presentations, Relevant Resources’. This training program provides academic and practical instruction on how to operate a successful health and lifestyle outreach on the platform of a self-sustaining business model. The program is housed on 8 DVDs with over 20 hours of in-class presentations, Power Point presentations and class notes to accompany the listener.

Our simple 3-tier model, C.P.R., will teach you how to conduct

1 - Comprehensive Consultationson a one-on-one basis. You will also learn how to empower individuals through ascertaining the causes of problems, developing a Lifestyle/Menu Plan, and supporting them via a follow-up program.

2 - Practical Presentations to groups and companies of all sizes. You will learn how to develop effective techniques in giving encouraging health presentations; facilitate motivational educational sessions; understand the principles of the  “P.L.A.N.S.” program to execute and manage cost effective, but efficient ‘Taste Of Paradise’ nutrition and cooking classes.

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